The dampening handle - StaffanSTAVEN- is a simple device. Not really when it comes to producing it. For the user however, it is simple. Just glue it on your poles (carefully and according to mounting instructions). And off you go. Still there are some recurring questions. 


1. If I were to break one pole - can I reuse the damper?
- Sure you can, just warm gently on the distal 5 cm and you can remove the damper, then mount it on a new pole after you have made sure it is the right length. Extra hot-melt glue (the grey kind) can be bought from us or from a hardware store that carries Bosch products.

2. If the spring inside the damper breaks, can I replace it?
- Yes. no problem. You buy replacement springs from us and with a screwdriver (Pz1) and pliers - you can easily repair your poles.

3. Can I use StaffanSTAVEN when skiing on snow?
- Sure you can, and a good idea it is too. Just change the ferrule to something more suitable for snow.  

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